This Is Why You Won't Succeed in Crypto

All of us enter the cryptocurrency market with dreams of fame and fortune. wishing to permanently alter our financial situation.

But most importantly, achieving freedom. For the majority of us, the cruel truth is that this ideal will never come true. The cause is considerably more straightforward than you might imagine, but most individuals are unable to solve it.

Those of us in the crypto market have all heard the prophecies that this market will cause one of the largest transfers of wealth the world has seen. This is the reason why many of us have become so passionate about this industry. For most of our lives, we have struggled to make ends meet, or even get ahead. Living paycheck to paycheck, while watching our amount of debt increase is something that far too many of us have gotten comfortable with. So much so that making drastic changes to improve your life seems crazy to most people.

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Most people aren't willing to take a second job, study after work to advance their skills and career prospects, start a side business, or invest regularly. After work, they would want to unwind, meet up with friends, use their smartphones, and watch TV.

Even if any of those factors can alter your financial situation. The majority of people won't succeed in the cryptocurrency industry for other reasons.

The majority of people lack the perseverance, self-control, and patience necessary to thrive in this industry, it is a fact. The most successful cryptocurrency users have long-term and long-term outlooks. In contrast, the majority of everyday people aren't even considering the future.

According to a report, at least 50% of Americans don't even have a few hundred dollars set up for emergencies. These people do not consider the future beyond ten years. Making ends meet and making it through another month is their top priority.

Even though this circumstance on its own is challenging, it is the main reason why most people won't "make it" in the crypto world. There are various opportunities to generate money in this sector. purchasing blue chips and holding them for growth, getting airdrops, staking, and a long list of other methods. The important thing to remember is that staying in the market requires patience, perseverance, and self-control for any of these approaches to work.

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The lucky recipients of the Uniswap, Optimism, or Arbitrum airdrops in this difficult situation were overjoyed to get a free two or three thousand dollars. They promptly sell it to raise money to cover costs. They could see a 20x or greater improvement in the value of their airdrops if they could simply maintain their composure and restraint. Exact same thing occurred with the Uniswap airdrop. That $1,200 airdrop was now worth more than $20,000. transforming into sums of money that can change your life.

It's a well-known narrative. Bitcoin and Ethereum are bought and held by people. When they increase or decrease by 15% or more, buy or sell. not recognizing that these assets will probably have increased by at least 10 times in value in 5 years.

You need to have the patience and self-control to wait for real wealth rather than selling the "prime" assets after they have only slightly risen in order to succeed in the bitcoin market. Most consumers are unaware that they are just getting pennies in exchange for their winning lottery ticket.

How about you? Have you ever sold crypto too early, only to regret it later?