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ELI5 Your Journey to the Blast Network

The Challenge of Bridging to Blast

One of the primary hurdles users face is the complexity and expense of bridging assets to the Blast Network, especially from the Ethereum Mainnet. High gas fees and intricate processes can be significant barriers, discouraging user participation and engagement.

Gwei is now cheap tho so i think it's a perfect time to bridge there!

click on the image if you need an invite code.

A Cost-Effective Alternative: Bridging from Layer 2 Networks

However, if you are looking to bridge there during high gwei here's a alternative.

To address these challenges, we recommend a less conventional but more efficient pathway: bridging from other Layer 2 networks such as Base or Arbitrum. This method significantly reduces the gas fees and simplifies the process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Bridging from Base/Arbitrum to Blast

To address the high gas fee challenge, I recommend a more cost-effective approach by using Layer 2 solutions such as Base or Arbitrum. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Withdrawing your Ethereum from an exchange to a Layer 2 Directly: Start by withdrawing your Ethereum to either Base or Arbitrum Network via your exchanges.

  2. Choosing Your Network: Start by selecting a Layer 2 network like Base or Arbitrum for your initial bridge due to their lower transaction fees compared to Ethereum Mainnet.

  3. Transferring Assets to Base or Arbitrum:

    • Connect your wallet to Orbiter Finance.

    • Transfer the assets you wish to bridge from your main wallet to your chosen Layer 2 network. Ensure that you have enough of the native token to cover transaction fees.

  4. Connecting to a Bridging using Orbiter.Finance:

    • Use a Orbiter Bridging Service that supports transfers from your chosen Base/Arbitrum network to the Blast Network.

    • Follow the service’s instructions to connect your wallet and initiate the bridge.

  5. Completing the Bridge:

    • Select the asset and amount you want to bridge.

    • Confirm the transaction and monitor its progress. it usually complete pretty fast.

Engaging with Blast Network Features

Once you’ve successfully bridged to the Blast Network, a plethora of features and opportunities await:

  1. If you don't already have a invite code here is my: ZTIHG

  2. Activating the Blast Rewards Page: Complete all requirement such as connecting your twitter account, discord and the page will be activated.

  3. Utilizing the Multiplier Page: Each Multiplier grant you 2x on your points, complete them accordingly.

  4. Participating in the Blast Jackpot: Get involved in the Blast Jackpot for a chance to win gold.

  5. Exploring Protocols: Dive into various protocols available on the network to enhance your blockchain experience and never know you might hit some gems along the way and win huge in just using or investing in them.

Exploring Protocols on the Blast Network

The Blast Network hosts a diverse range of protocols that cater to various aspects of decentralized finance. From exchanges to lending platforms, perpetual trading, and automated strategies, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect and how to engage with each type.

1. Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)

Decentralized exchanges on the Blast Network allow users to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their wallets without needing an intermediary. These platforms are crucial for maintaining full custody of your assets while executing trades.

Getting Started:

  • Connect Your Wallet: Access a DEXs such as Thruster, Blasterswap, Bladeswap and Ring Protocol on the Blast Network, and connect your wallet.

  • Swap Tokens: Choose the tokens you want to exchange, check the liquidity and slippage, and confirm your trade.

  • Provide Liquidity: Enhance your earnings by providing liquidity to a pool and earning transaction fees in return.

By doing the the above you are also possible eligible for the protocol token drop in future.

2. Lending Platforms

Lending protocols on the Blast Network enable users to lend their assets to others and earn interest, or borrow assets for trading or other financial activities. Juice Finance, Orbit Finance & Pac Finance.

How to Participate:

  • Deposit Assets: Choose a lending platform, deposit your digital assets, and start earning interest as a lender.

  • Take Loans: As a borrower, take out loans by providing collateral, which will allow you to leverage or finance other investment opportunities.

3. SocialFi: DistrictOne

DistrictOne exemplifies the integration of social networking with financial mechanisms, a hallmark of SocialFi. This platform enables users to interact, share content, and participate in governance, all while earning financial rewards.

How to Get Involved:

  • Join Spaces: Sign up for DistrictOne and join various spaces that align with your interests or investment focus.

  • Participate in participate in SocialFi activity

Check out this tweet to find out more.

Adding SocialFi to your activities on the Blast Network through DistrictOne not only diversifies your engagement but also enhances your social interaction within the crypto space, providing a comprehensive DeFi and SocialFi experience.

4. Perpetual Trading

Perpetual trading protocols offer the ability to trade in various assets.

Steps to Engage:

  • Choose a Perpetual DEX: Select from platforms like Particle & Blast Futures.

  • Understand the Terms: Familiarize yourself with the leverage, fees, and liquidation risks associated with perpetual trading.

  • Start Trading: Open positions based on your market analysis and risk appetite.

Check out this tweet for Particle.

4. AgentFi

Automation with AI Agents on the Blast Network can significantly enhance your LP and investment strategies through smart contracts that execute predefined conditions without manual intervention.

Engagement Guide:

  • Automatically spread your ETH & USDB liquidity pooling into 4 different protocols, Thurster & Hyperlock, BlasterSwap and Ring Protocol.

  • Concentrated Liquidity Manager is coming which i believe is a game changer, this would automate your V3 position between ranges whereby you will be able to set them between the 50%-10% range resulting is better swap fees and also farming of Blast Gold.

5. Memecoin on Blast

Which memecoin to buy on Blast?

  • The most popular one is definitely PACMOON.

  • There's other token such as BIG & BAJA which are memecoin too.

  • That said, do remember to add them to the Blast's Jackpot feature, All the three coins i have mentioned actually won the Jackpot at least once!

This guide is brought to you in collaboration with key players in the space: Decoded & Mojo.


Onboarding to the Blast Network doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. By following this guide, you can minimize expenses and streamline your entry into the network. Engage with the Blast Network's rewarding features and start maximizing your digital asset potential today.

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