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Leveraging the Blast Network Multiplier: A Guide to Quadrupling Your Points

The Blast Network has recently unveiled a groundbreaking feature that has the DeFi community buzzing: a multiplier that allows users to potentially quadruple their points. This development not only enhances the user experience on the network but also opens up new avenues for maximising rewards. In this article, we dive into how you can take advantage of this feature, focusing on strategic use of DEXes and perpetual DEXes.

Understanding the Blast Network Multiplier

The Blast Network's multiplier is designed to reward users for their engagement and activity on the platform. By participating in trades on recommended DEXes and perpetual DEXes, users can significantly increase their points, leading to higher yields and rewards. This feature represents a significant evolution in the network's capabilities, offering users more control over their earning potential.

Maximizing Points with DEXes

To make the most of the multiplier, engaging with decentralized exchanges (DEXes) on the Blast Network is key. Here are platforms where the multiplier can shine:

  1. BladeSwap: Known for its user-friendly interface and robust trading options, BladeSwap is a prime candidate for leveraging the multiplier. Start trading with BladeSwap using this referral link:

  2. Thruster: Another excellent platform for engaging with the Blast Network multiplier. Thruster offers a seamless trading experience, making it easy to rack up points.

  3. BlasterSwap: As a rising star on the Blast Network, BlasterSwap provides users with unique opportunities to trade and earn, perfectly complementing the multiplier feature. Start trading with BlasterSwap using this referral link:

Perpetual DEXes: The Next Frontier

Perpetual DEXes offer another avenue for enhancing your points through the multiplier:

  1. BFX: Specialising in perpetual contracts, BFX is an ideal platform for those looking to explore more sophisticated trading strategies. Utilise this referral link to get started:

  2. Blitz: Known for its high-speed transactions and innovative contract options, Blitz is perfect for users seeking to maximise their engagement and, by extension, their multiplier benefits.

How to Get Started

Engaging with these platforms is straightforward:

  • Step 1: Choose the DEX or perpetual DEX that aligns with your trading strategy.

  • Step 2: Use the provided referral links to sign up or access the platforms directly via the Blast Network.

  • Step 3: Begin trading, and watch as your points—and potential rewards—multiply.


The Blast Network's multiplier feature represents a significant milestone in the DeFi space, offering users unprecedented opportunities to enhance their rewards through active participation. By strategically engaging with DEXes and perpetual DEXes, users can take full advantage of this feature, turning every trade into a step towards quadrupling their points. Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis and tips on leveraging the full potential of the Blast Network and its ecosystem.

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