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Unlocking DeFi with MetaMask: Bridging Assets to Blast Network

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Venture into the decentralised finance (DeFi) world with MetaMask and discover efficient strategies for asset bridging to the Blast Network. This guide serves as your introduction to navigating the blockchain with MetaMask and outlines a cost-effective method for bridging assets, highlighting the transition through layer 2 networks to minimise gas fees. Additionally, learn how holding $ETH and USDB on the Blast chain can yield substantial returns, and stay tuned for insights into the specific protocols I leverage on Blast.

Setting Sail with MetaMask

MetaMask is more than a digital wallet; it's your portal to DeFi applications across the blockchain. Getting started is straightforward:

Step 1: Download and Install MetaMask

  • Head to to download the MetaMask extension or app.

Install Metamask start your Crypto Journey
  • Install the MetaMask by following the provided instructions.

Step 2: Create Your Wallet

  • Initiate MetaMask and opt to "Create a Wallet." After agreeing to the terms, secure your account with a strong password.

  • Backup Your Secret Recovery Phrase: It's critical for accessing your funds if needed.

Step 3: Fund Your Wallet

  • Deposit Assets: You can either transfer cryptocurrencies to your MetaMask wallet from an exchange or purchase them directly through MetaMask.

Efficient Bridging to Blast Network:

Direct Bridging to Blast

Ethereum Network Directly to Blast Network at the current stage is High in gas fee.

Connect with Blast: Access the Blast Network and link your MetaMask wallet. You will need a invite code i have added a hyperlink. If it doesn't work here's the code: ZTIHG

Yield Opportunities: By transferring $ETH to the Blast chain, you can enjoy a 4% yield just for holding, while USDB offers a 15% yield, amplifying your investment effortlessly.

Minimising Gas Fees via Layer 2 and Orbiter Finance

An effective route for reducing gas fees involves moving assets from exchanges to a layer 2 network (BASE/ZKSYNC ERA), then bridging to the Blast Network:

Withdrawing from Binance to Layer 2 Network Base cost only 0.47 Cent.

Transfer to MetaMask: sending your assets from an exchange to MetaMask via layer 2 network for this example i will be using Base network.

Bridging Through Orbiter Finance:

Visit Orbiter Finance, connecting your MetaMask wallet.

Choose Your Destination: Select a layer 2 network as your bridge point to ultimately reduce gas fees when moving to Blast.

Select Base Network to Blast Network

The Benefits of Orbiter Finance and Layer 2

Gas fee to bridge over to Blast is only $0.01 USD.

Orbiter Finance shines in its ability to slash transaction costs by facilitating asset transfer through layer 2 networks before reaching Blast. This pathway is pivotal for those aiming to optimise their DeFi investments by curtailing expenses.

Holding on Blast Chain for Yield

The Blast Network not only serves as an efficient bridge but also as a profitable ecosystem for asset holders. With attractive yields on $ETH and USDB for simply holding them on the Blast chain, it presents an inviting opportunity for passive income growth.

Upcoming: My Protocols on Blast

In future discussions, I'll unveil the protocols I utilise on Blast, offering a glimpse into my strategies for maximising returns within this innovative ecosystem. This insight aims to guide you through the complexities of DeFi, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions.


Navigating DeFi with MetaMask and efficiently bridging assets to the Blast Network opens up a realm of possibilities for yield generation and cost-effective trading strategies. The pathway through layer 2 networks, highlighted by Orbiter Finance, is essential for those looking to engage with DeFi while minimising overhead costs. As we delve deeper into the ecosystem, the forthcoming exploration of protocols on Blast promises to enrich your understanding and utilisation of this dynamic space.

Stay connected for more in-depth guides and insights, designed to empower your journey through blockchain and DeFi.

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday! Stay tuned for the in-depth dive in of various protocols!

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