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Masternodes Beta Phase 8 Rewards Payout and Phase 9 Kickoff

Plus a short video with Founders

We are really grateful for your ongoing assistance and participation in helping to make Masternodes Beta Phase 8 a great success. We express our gratitude as we continue to build and broaden our reliable network, resolutely advancing toward our shared supply chain and decentralization objectives. We are grateful that each and every one of you plays a vital role in our community.

For a detailed breakdown of Phase 9, please see the table below:

Phase 9 Start Date

20 May, 2024

Tokens Per Node




MNW Staking Cap

5,400,000 MNW  

Maximum Nodes


Phase 9 Reward Payout 

20 June, 2024

How to Claim Your Rewards:

Visit your dashboard and withdraw your MNW reward starting May 20, 2024.

What's New: Be Ready for Intriguing Advancements!

We have a ton of fascinating updates and advancements in store for you, so we're not just stopping at rewards:

A Request for Liquidity Providers:

Come along as we increase MNW's presence in the booming Polygon ecosystem! We are thrilled to provide access and trading to MNW on the main Polygon DEXes. As we increase MNW liquidity, your involvement is essential. Watch this space for further information, and take advantage of this chance to grow!

Join Us for the Next Phase!

We would like to thank you for your support during Phase 8 as we get ready for an even more exciting Phase 9. It is because of your dedication and passion that our community flourishes. We can't wait to see this enthusiasm continue into the following stage.

Phase 9 Details

To join Phase 9 (for new validators only) follow the steps below:

  • Receive an invite to set up nodes. 

A validator using the TrustMNW web interface may build up to 10 nodes (900 MNW) at this level.

Together, let's make it happen!

We are thrilled to see our community develop even more as we enter this new phase. Your support has been crucial to our journey thus far. Furthermore, our referral program will soon be launched. Keep checking back for further updates as we work together to improve the Masternodes program even more!


Q. What is the maximum number of nodes one user can set up

A user can set up a maximum of 10 nodes, and the size of each node is 900 tokens.

Q. What if I don’t receive invite codes?

The invite codes will be auto-sent to the waitlisted members. Didn’t receive an email? Feel free to reach out to our moderators or email us at

Q. What if my KYC is stuck?

Please double-check if you have followed the process here. Need further assistance? Write to us at

“If you fix the supply chain, you fix the world!” - Dan Weinberger CEO & Co-Founder

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