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Morpheus.Network Masternode Overview

A summary of masternodes beta before go live.

Masternode Overview:

Masternodes are a crucial component of many blockchain ecosystems, as they go far beyond basic transaction validation seen in traditional nodes. 

They enable advanced network features such as; instant transactions, increased privacy, decentralized governance, integration of decentralized applications (dApps) and typically reward those who perform the work of running a masternode in cryptocurrency tokens.

Morpheus.Network Masternodes take this one step further and allow for interoperability between traditional/legacy systems and various blockchain technologies, reducing the need for paper, manual confirmation, and human error and delays in data entry, whilst increasing security and reducing costs, without data being siloed onto any one blockchain or platform.

Operating on the Polygon network (for now), the Morpheus.Network masternode network has grown in number and functionality during the beta program, aiming to accommodate transactional verification from governments down to family run small businesses, the platform has come a long way since beta testing began way back in December 2022!

Stress testing began in May and is successfully validating the network robustness and capability as the network draws nearer to live production.

Morpheus.Network Interoperability:

The Morpheus.Network platform aims to remain blockchain agnostic as new emerging technologies offer various improvements and features, meaning it can communicate across different blockchain platforms to leverage the best features of each, such as the Layer 1 Ethereum network, and Layer 2 Ethereum Virtual Machines, and other networks, interoperable communication is the future.

This flexibility allows the network to integrate with over 150 leading companies and technologies, including the likes of SWIFT and SAP, enhancing the capability to address complex supply chain challenges.

With the inclusion of Machine Learning/AI, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePin), Real World Asset (RWA) management, Internet of Things (IoT), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other emerging technologies, the masternode ecosystem is integral to achieving the project's mission of making global supply chains more efficient, transparent, and secure. 

By participating in the network, masternode operators contribute to a more sustainable and efficient global trade ecosystem, and are rewarded for their efforts with a fixed 18% APY.

Masternode Market Growth:

Masternodes are becoming increasingly larger components of many blockchain networks, with adoption of this technology encompassing a larger segment of the blockchain market capitalization, showing that this technology is a growing part of blockchain, and Morpheus Network is in the top 10 projects in this category!


Upcoming Updates for Morpheus Network Masternodes!

With an attractive and intuitive dashboard, that is about to be updated alongside a rebrand to, there has never been a better time to start running a masternode and participating!

A major dashboard update and new engaging ways to participate in the network will come alongside this rebrand, here is a sneak peek:

We are about to see a new era of masternode adoption, with engaging activities and rewards for active participation, you can find information on how to join below, act fast as there is limited availability during beta!

Masternode Setup:

900 MNW required per node

Cap at 10 nodes per KYC / Validator

18% annual reward paid in MNW each month

1.2M MNW tokens reserved beta

Register for KYC: 

Install CLI in Linux/Mac/Windows VPS

Current version is CLI 0.13.5

Instruction Video click here

It is highly recommended you use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) as you will need to maintain uptime of over 99% in live production. 

Masternodes run via CLI (Command Line Interface) on Linux, Windows and MacOS. 

System Requirements = 1vCPU, 1GB Memory, 25GB SSD/NVMEe, internet with 24/7 connectivity running at least 25Mbps up / 10Mbps down bandwidth. 

Limited availability during Beta, get in fast before slots fill up and welcome to the Morpheus Network Masternode community!

“If you fix the supply chain, you fix the world!” - Dan Weinberger CEO & Co-Founder

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