Onchain gaias

A really golden ticket!

Onchain Gaias is a Base blockchain NFT collection by Ciniz, a top Twitter and Warpcast influencer. Here, I wanna conduct a deep analysis of this collection...

Trading Metrics

Trade Analysis

/So far, 1880 unique traders have made 3460 trades on this collection!

March 14 had the most traders (235 traders), and on March 13, the most trades were done (399 trades).

Platform/creator fee

94.53 ETH (61.47 ETH for platform fee and 33.06 for creator fee) has already been paid for fees. This amount is equal to 33.78k USD. The most fees were paid on March 31 (about 43k USD).

Transaction Fee

These buys and sells on the Base blockchain have generated over 4.65 ETH (equivalent to $18,230) in fees for traders.

Trading volume

Totally, the on-chain trading volume for 'Onchain Gaias' is about $8.7 million; March 31st, with a $1.14 million daily volume, holds the daily record.


This collection has experienced numerous price fluctuations since its launch, but the general trend is upward.

The highest daily average price reached 1.89 ETH on April 1st, the day following the record for the highest daily trading volume.

Users Analysis

Holders Analysis

About two-thirds of holders (2046 holders) have just one NFT, while 13% (358 holders) have two NFTs.

16 wallets hold more than 20 NFTs😎

Top Traders (trade count)

The top user (0xaca...) has made 239 trades, while the second and third traders have made 193 and 156 trades respectively.

67.78% of traders (2691 users) have only made one trade, whereas 167 traders have made more than 10 trades.

Top Traders (profit/loss)

The top profitable trader (0x115...) made approximately $97000 trading this collection. Upon checking this address in the traders table, we observe that this address has made a total of 37 trades. Furthermore, upon inspecting the address with 237 trades, we can see that it has generated $12,331 from trading.

1004 wallets (35%) have made profits ranging from $100 to $500 trading this collection. On the other hand, 131 wallets have incurred losses ranging from $100 to $500 in trading.

The most profitable users made between $100 and $500, while the majority of losers incurred losses ranging from $1000 to $5000.

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