🎵I almost forgot about you 🖤

Brad Barrish

Dearest music-loving friends, are you still with me? Today is Monday, March 673rd, 2020 and I hope this finds you healthy. Today was my first day back to work in my garage office after seeing my family in Kansas City for the first time in over two years. This year's selections can be found on Spotify if you have it or YouTube if you don't. It did not come easy and for whatever reason the sequencing took longer than it has in recent memory. Just do me a favor and listen all the way through just once without shuffling or skipping songs. It will mean all the time was not in vain.

I took the cover photo at a stop in Beaver, UT on our road trip from Los Angeles, CA to Carbondale, CO over the summer. I don't think I listened to a single thing. I just watched the road. I could drive forever.

My super-secret personal email is bb@barrish.org and you can message me at +1 310 422 1357. I'm on Telegram and Signal, in case that matters. Send me a note. Send me photos. Tell me how you're doing and what songs moved you. 


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