I have some songs for you

Brad Barrish

It's nearly midnight in Colorado. It's cold. Snow is expected. Everyone is asleep. I'm listening back to a little something I put together for you. It's called Melody and Distortion. You can listen on Spotify or Apple Music. It's a playlist of a bunch of songs from 2018. There are 25 songs in a specific order that took far longer than it should have (we're talking hours). If you listen to them in order (you should) and don't skip a song (you should not), you will have given me and the artists represented, you attention for one hour and forty-six minutes. That's how much time you spent scrolling on Instagram yesterday. I'm not judging. I would love to hear from you. Tell me something you liked. Tell me how you're doing. I miss hearing from you. Merry everything to you.


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