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BAAM Art, X Shadowbans & more...

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Hi Pals !

As promised, this week will be very interesting !

In fact, this week I'm releasing my Manifesto, more on that further down. To celebrate, the whole newsletter is available to everyone this week. Alright, let's go !

Graffiti vs Blockchain As A Medium

I know Noah is hinting at a parallel between Graffiti and Digital Art, but I think this also applies (and is more relevant) to blockchain art:

How to avoid Shadowbans

Another banger tweet by @officer_cia, at this point if you're still not following him you're trolling. In this post he goes into how to avoid X shadowbans, and even better, come back from them:

ETH is running out of storage

Paradigm's @notnotstorm is a favorite of mine, he's been releasing great tools to scrape and store blockchain data. In his latest post he goes into why and how we should raise the ethereum gas limit.

I also asked him to tell us more about how EIP-4444 could impact onchain art:

Open Source Oscilloscopes ?

Look I don't know much about oscilloscopes, but I know they're expensive af, so I was quite surprised to see this post:

Blockchain As A Medium Manifesto

Last but not least, the BAAM Manifesto. I'm happy to say I finally released it today. If you, like me, are a sucker for onchain art and the new blockchain medium, please do sign and share it !

What a week... See you next Thursday !

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