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Navigate Appoints Ali Husain as Chief Executive Officer 

Ali takes on CEO role to support Navigate’s next stage of growth

Navigate, the world’s decentralized intelligence platform, today announced Ali Husain as the Chief Executive Officer. Ali is one of the founders of Navigate, formerly acting as an Advisor to the project, and has now assumed the role of CEO to drive the company into its next stage of growth.

“Since its inception, Navigate’s mission has been to create the first and largest Web3 native decentralized intelligence platform. Data runs the world. People should be compensated for sharing this invaluable data.” said Ali Husain.

“Navigate incentivizes users by ownership and making data contribution fun, through gamification. I’m incredibly excited about the future of Navigate. DeAI and DePIN are going to be key areas of growth in Web3. I see NVG8 as the token for decentralized intelligence and cannot wait to build and grow alongside our community.”

Ali is an accomplished computer scientist with over a decade of experience in the technology industry, specializing in AI, drone tech, game design and Web3 products, with multiple patents under his name.

Ali began his career at Microsoft where he led the development of the Dynamics AX mobile application suite. He joined SparkCognition, an award-winning industrial AI company, during its early days and made significant contributions to the company's growth, building the first version of their Natural Language Processing platform, and many other cutting-edge applications for the enterprise market.

Prior to joining Navigate, Ali has served as the Chief Software Architect and later, Chief Product Officer at SkyGrid, a Boeing-SparkCognition joint venture, named as one of the Top 50 Blockchain companies in 2021 by Forbes.

Navigate closed a $7.625 million seed round in 2022. The round was led by Distributed Global, with further participation from Alan Howard, Kraken Ventures, Jez Mohideen, Outlier Ventures, among others.

About Navigate

Data remains the most valuable commodity of our time and it is essential for building intelligent applications. Large language models (LLMS), content moderation algorithms, programmatic advertising, and advanced search capabilities all rely on high-quality data to function. But good data is hard to come by. And now, more than ever, organizations are harvesting this data from users to generate substantial value, offering minimal to no compensation in return.

Navigate is disrupting this trend by building a decentralized intelligence platform that rewards users for sourcing the data that intelligent applications require. We are creating a new kind of network where innovation is encouraged, creators are empowered, and earnings are distributed amongst its community of contributors.

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