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Reimagine Ethereum Staking with Diva + Octant

Innovation for Public Goods Funding

Diva and Octant: Shaping the Future of Ethereum Staking and Public Goods

Diva is excited to announce our partnership with Octant, a collaborative effort aimed at decentralizing Ethereum’s staking ecosystem and enhancing support for public goods. This alliance is a testament to our shared vision for a regenerative financing model that empowering communities to fund what is critical to them, and benefits Ethereum as a whole.

A New Era of Staking

Through this partnership, Octant builds their innovative staking model on top of Diva, where users can lock GLM in Octant to earn ETH rewards — unique to the new approach is offering the choice to donate these rewards to public goods, significantly amplified by a matching pool ! The initial round saw donations increase by an average of 41 times.

Combating Centralization & Key Features:

Ethereum’s staking is heavily centralized, with the top three pools holding over 50% of the power. Lido controls 85% of the Liquid Staking Tokens (LST) market. Octant’s partnership with Diva introduces a permissionless, unstoppable LST to counter this trend, featuring:

  • Liquid Staking with divETH: Making staking accessible to more users.

  • Accessible Node Operation: Enabling anyone to run a node with just 1 ETH.

  • Distributed Validation: Enhancing network security and resilience.

  • Immutable Smart Contracts: Ensuring long-term trustless systems.

Broadening the Ethereum Ecosystem

Our commitment goes beyond technology; we’re investing in the ecosystem’s growth by supporting public goods and creating avenues for users to increase their impact. By joining forces with Octant, we aim to introduce thousands of new node operators, diversifying and strengthening Ethereum’s foundation.

Vision for a Decentralized Future

With Diva’s upcoming launch, we’re laying down the groundwork for an engaged community and detailed plans for integration. We invite the Ethereum community to join us in this journey, contributing to a more decentralized, secure, and vibrant ecosystem.

Join Diva and Octant in redefining Ethereum staking and enhancing support for public goods, marking the beginning of a new chapter in blockchain innovation. Follow along the journey of Diva supporting public goods through staking now in Discord →

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