Learn more about Sommelier + Turbo charge your yield in 3 simple steps with the Turbo divETH Vault!

Let’s Dive in! Turbo charge your yield now with the Turbo divETH Vault, powered by Sommelier, and Sponsored by Seven Seas Finance.

Turbo divETH Vault Timeline

Pre-divETH Launch Phase:

  • Now to End of Q1/Q2: Turbo divETH vault open for deposits to signal interest in divETH. Early depositors secure higher DIVA token allocation rates.

  • Vault Participation: Open to all, prioritizing Rocket Pool community with rETH-ETH Balancer BPT token deposits. Majority of BPT tokens staked on Aura; remainder facilitates withdrawals.

Post-divETH Launch Phase:

  • divETH Launch and Oracle Support: Integration of divETH into vault operations, enabling conversion of ETH into divETH and liquidity provision for rETH-divETH on major DEXs.

  • Liquidity and Lending Strategies: Activation of strategies on Uniswap v3, Balancer/Aura, Aave, Compound, Morpho, Morpho Blue, and Fraxlend. Expansion to include more DeFi protocols via Sommelier governance.

  • DIVA Token Allocation: Continuation of DIVA token allocation to vault participants as per the initial rate table.

Sommelier Finance

Sommelier is a decentralized asset management protocol that secures over $75M in TVL. It has undergone multiple audits with 0xMacro and has a bug bounty program on ImmuneFi. Sommelier vaults are used by crypto natives (e.g., top DeBank users), DAOs, Family Offices and Hedge Funds

Participate Now in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Make sure you’ve already added liquidity to the rETH-ETH pool on Balancer:

2. Visit https://app.sommelier.finance/strategies/Turbo-divETH/manage, and connect your wallet.

3. Click on Deposit and then Submit. And voilà! You have successfully turbo charged your ETH with Sommelier + Diva!

Learn more about the Turbo divETH Vault here! → Gain Early Exposure to the Diva Staking Ecosystem with the Turbo divETH Vault

Have additional questions on how to begin staking? Join the Diva Staking Community now → Diva Staking Discord

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