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Diva → Nektar Transition

The core contributors to the Diva Staking Protocol are proud to present the Nektar Network. An ecosystem of incentives enabling a novel and permissionless way of restaking.

Safeguarding Ethereum at all costs;

Avoiding centralization risks and helping Ethereum become more resilient has been at the core of all the work done by Diva’s core contributors. Now the team is introducing an alternative to current restaking solutions. The goal: providing a more diversified environment while setting a new standard.

What is Restaking?
Restaking implies repurposing a staked asset to secure additional tasks or duties by the validators using such staked assets as collateral. Depending on the architecture of the Restaking environment, such collateral can be delegated by third parties to the operator actually performing the validation duties. In the Nektar Restaking Protocol, restakers delegate their ETH (or Liquid Staking Token) to an operator within the Nektar Network

What is an Operator within the Nektar Network?
It is a person or entity running the Stinger Client at the core of the Diva Staking protocol. Each operator is part of the peer-to-peer network that — through the usage of Distributed Validation Technology — allows it to perform validation duties on the Ethereum network.

The Nektar Network leverages the power of the Diva Liquid Staking protocol.
It is one of the cornerstones for a sustainable environment. Our ambition: to foster a composable layer over the Ethereum ecosystem which aligns with the vision of Ethereum as settlement layer and internalises the vision of Rainbow Staking referred to by Barnabe.

The integration of restaking and DVT
Within the same ecosystem in a permissionless and open sourced environment aims to strengthen Ethereum’s resilience. It will help build a better and more sustainable environment for anyone within this amazing industry.

together we get farther;
We firmly believe that crypto is heading fast to becoming a mature ecosystem. There are now specialised actors vital for a smooth bootstrapping of the network. We are confident that with their help, the Nektar Community will grow at lightning speed to become one of the most relevant actors within the Ethereum ecosystem.

We are excited to announce that Aragon is taking a leading role within the community to guide us towards a truly decentralized governance ecosystem. They will provide guidance to the community to adapt and implement the best governance tools.

We are also glad to announce that Kartpartkey, a leading protocol treasury management team(parse karpartkey here), are joining to steer the rewards distribution mechanism of the ecosystem.

Furthermore Octant will continue spearheading Public Goods Funding becoming one of the first participants building at the Nektar Network.

Last but not least we are extremely excited to announce that “x” and “y” are working on deploying …. leveraging ethereum’s security through Nektar.

In the spirit of decentralized community, we are open to collaboration and exploring new heights in Ethereum’s composability. This includes and is not limited to AVSs and Liquid Restaking Protocols interested in building with us. Let’s build together!

All yours,

Nektar Nerwork, The Liquid Community

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