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the perl game and a seed phrase

a game within a game

when i met alex kwon over a zoom call a month or so ago to get an intro to perl it became clear to me very quickly that he was built different...kind of crazy we ended up here today playing the perl game inside of frames on farcaster with thousands of daily participants.

how did i get in today's game? alex sent me a dm saying "you are up for tomorrow's bet :)" with a screenshot of the contest...will @mleejr make MORE or LESS than 69 casts tomorrow? i had a very small window of time to figure this thing out...also had no idea what i was going to do...i just knew i had to hit at least hit 70...and wanted to be at least somewhat creative.

the only issue was i had a busy weekend ahead packed with lil mlee activities...the science olympiad competition at his school on saturday, couple hockey games against crosstown rivals, canes v devils at pnc arena, and super bowl sunday festivities.

i knew yesterday that i would have to get all of the casts scheduled in advance (thank you supercast) or i wouldn't hit the number and/or be forced to cast a bunch of mediocre casts...i asked ai to help me come up with a schedule and provided an overarching theme for each of the systems, decentralization, permissionless innovation, farcaster, censorship resistance, sufficiently decentralized, mfers, etc...i got everything scheduled before going to sleep last night bc i knew today was going to be crazy...afk all day.

here is a breakdown of the casts and some clues for the game within a game:

  • each image was generated with ai...except for #69 which was created by @jellopeas...i didn't even ask permission to use it...rcs

  • over 200 images were generated for the 68 that were used

  • mfer7839 is included in each of the images...sometimes more obvious than others

  • the first 12 casts were posted in the /perl channel (this is important)

  • the remaining were posted in the /mfer channel

  • there is a seed phrase hidden in the casts from today

  • the first word of the seed phrase is the only @ in all of the casts

  • the second word can be found in the second cast

  • the remaining words of the seed phrase follow a same simple pattern

  • there is enough eth in the address to transfer out assets once found

  • winner also gets my full $DEGEN allowance the following day (~160k)

couple side notes:

  • a lot of ppl asked me MORE or LESS...i didnt share with anyone

  • the only person that knew abt the seed phrase prior to this article being published was me

  • while i was building out the casts i had a gazillion different ideas on how i would have done this differently...and made it even better...but i was in too deep, pot committed...and didn't have the time to go back and start over.

the baller play would've prob been to just end it on #69 for the culture...i thought abt it, but i don't really love ties, in a case like this ok maybe it would have been cool...but >69 felt more like going for the win...ill let someone else get the first tie in the perl game.

moral of the story: never bet against a mfer ğŸŒŽ-'

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