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What is NF.TD?
NF.TD is your proof of identity, in one link.

How does it work?
1. Connect your wallet and mint your username.
2. Customize your profile by adding links to your socials and websites, you can opt-in to prove ownership of them.
3. Verified links have a special verified checkmark.
4. Easily share your identity with one link.

What happens when I mint an NF.TD username?
Once you mint your username, an NFT gets custom generated with your username. The design is stored on-chain. You can then customize your NF.TD profile for that username.

Custom generated NFT with a minted username, stored as an SVG on-chain.

Custom generated NFT with a minted username, stored as an SVG on-chain.

How is NF.TD different from other link in bios?
NF.TD is built specifically for web3 and we're focused on identity verification. We also have an API endpoint for developers, so you can soon bring your identity to the other social apps you use.

What does an NF.TD URL look like?

Can I mint more than one username?
You can mint 5 NF.TD usernames per wallet.

How much does it cost to mint a username?
The mint price is 0.05 ETH.

What kind of usernames can I mint?
You can mint any username that is at least 3 alphanumeric characters long and at most 26 alphanumeric characters long.

What kind of links can I add to my profile?
Any URL can be added to your NF.TD profile.

You can now verify ownership of your Farcaster, Twitter, Paragraph, Gallery, Sound, personal websites, & much more to come.

How are links verified?
We verify through a combination of connected wallets, public attestations, and DNS records.

Can I sell or buy an NF.TD username on a secondary market?
You can sell or buy an NF.TD username on secondary marketplaces, just like other NFTs.

What happens to my NF.TD profile once I sell that username?
You no longer have access to customize the profile for that NF.TD username and the profile itself will be wiped when the new owner connects.

The new owner of that username will now be able to customize the profile.

What are OG usernames?
OG usernames are the first 2,500 usernames minted on NF.TD. There will only ever be 2,500 OG usernames.

What benefits do OG usernames get?
Verified “OG” mark, early access to test features, upcoming discounts & perks, & more.

Can I sell or buy an OG username?
OG usernames can be bought or sold just like any other NF.TD username. The OG status stays with the OG username, even if it’s sold.

What happens after all the OG usernames are minted?
Any usernames minted after the first 2,500 are regular usernames, and they function just like OG usernames (but without the OG perks & benefits).

When can I mint a username?
The public launch date will be announced soon.

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