Layer N team AMA 5/9/2024

Founders David and Dima met and chatted with the community in discord about 30 minutes. Seemed like nice guys, and they patiently answered a lot of questions.


  • NordVM will increase throughput, provide a liquidity hub for dapps, have optimizations for orderbooks/trading, and security for rollup to rollup transfers

  • Layer N has an Eigenlayer DA (data availability) integration

    • There will be multiple DA integrations in the future

  • testnet results: 1 billion transactions settled, 70k user

  • 5 year vision - layer N as a new foundational layer of a new internet

  • anticipating a fully functional mainnet rollout the second half of the year

  • Susa Exchange might be live in a month

  • Personal details of founders shared:

    • David — currently in the Bay area, from Canada. went to Harvard and studied CS/bioinformatics

    • Dima — Ukraine, Poland, to McGill University in Canada. neuroscience?

  • ongoing contests in discord — vote for thread contest, sticker contest, and other ongoing opportunities to contribute

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