NFT Matrix #24

Hi, and welcome to issue 24 of NFT Matrix, where I review NFT Artists’ work. There is no presumption or judgement here, only exposure. The artist I am reviewing is Frederico Clapis. Philosophical and well-crafted is how I would describe their work. I look at a couple of the artist’s pieces from their various platforms/social media and provide my review. Hope you enjoy, I’m always open to feedback.

Piece: “Searching for God


This piece is worth viewing at the link. Baby Jesus is missing in the frame. The view moves and rotates, revealing the manger scene appears to be in a massive church. The piece forces me to ponder if modern denizens of the internet are even searching for God, or if they are, are they aware of it? The virtual reality goggles hint at the layer of reality modern Americans are in.

Piece: “Concrete Babydrone”


This piece speaks for itself - modernity and classic imagery of the stork combine in this poignant sculpture. Who knows what challenges the young will face in the next 100 years of technological advance and planetary decay. Maybe one day kids will be delivered via Amazon drone.

Piece: “Everlasting Memory”


Another one worth viewing at the link. This piece has a sense of loss and impermanence. I do wonder what will last of this digital age, if any future humans will know anything of our current society. This piece also hints at the loss of a child - and attempting to relive past memories with that child. Sad and deep.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the artist! Find their links here.

See you next time! I’ve been finding it hard to write these every week, so I’ve been aiming for once a month.

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