NFT Matrix #34

Hi, and welcome to the newest issue of NFT Matrix, where I present NFT Artists’ work. There is no presumption or judgement here, only exposure. The artist I am presenting is Gary Cartlidge. Moody and thought provoking is how I would describe their work. I look at a couple of the artist’s pieces from their various platforms and provide my feelings and thoughts. Hope you enjoy, I’m always open to feedback.

Piece: “Jesus Shift

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This piece is a nod to crypto twitter (CT). A usual saying on CT is that one year in crypto is 10 years in normal life, so many folks claim to feel old ( hence the walker). They also joke about not having money after losing it trading tokens, and having to get a job at McDonalds (McDonald’s hat). It’s interesting how these icons seem common to this small corner of the universe, but they are rather obscure. Which makes me want to think about this painting from other contexts as well. Jesus is to come like a thief in the night, and the elderly and overworked service industry laborers are an underserved group in US society. This alternative concept mashes wonderfully with this piece.

Piece: “Cruel perception of a digital depresssion


Be sure to visit the link to view the piece. The artist shares a description of how two partners can see the same reality and have different perceptions of it. Gary is certainly read in to the darker aspects of modern life, and I like his contrast in this piece of frenetic news footage with nature, hinting at unease underneath the surface. The contrasting landscapes are reminiscent of Dali’s surreal deserts.

Piece: “Technically Blind


Another excellent piece hinting at digital reality as a veil. It’s interesting to see the code snippet hinting at a man behind the curtain, and code as the fabric of this digital reality. It’s refreshing to have an artist thinking about how our lives have truly changed due to the internet.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the artist! Find their links here.

See you next time!

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