NFT Matrix #36

Hi, and welcome to the newest issue of NFT Matrix, where I present NFT Artists’ work. There is no presumption or judgement here, only exposure. The artist I am presenting is Trevor Jones. Complex and engaging is how I would describe their work. I look at a couple of the artist’s pieces from their various platforms and provide my feelings and thoughts. Hope you enjoy, I’m always open to feedback.

Piece: “The Hodler”

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This animated piece hints at the lifecycle of anyone who holds a belief, this particular subject being token holders who “hodl” onto tokens dreaming of price appreciation.

Piece: “The Bitcoin Angel”


Another great animated piece which hints at the negatives of monetization for open source finance.

Piece: “The Bitcoin Bull”


I like these nods to the Wall Street Bull. Each has complex animation which are worth viewing at the link. I also like the different editions.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the artist! Find their links here.

See you next time!

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