NFT Matrix #41

Hi, and welcome to the newest issue of NFT Matrix, where I present NFT Artists’ work. There is no presumption or judgement here, only exposure. The artist I am presenting is Contact Beware. Fun and interesting is how I would describe their work. I look at a couple of the artist’s pieces from their various platforms and provide my feelings and thoughts. Hope you enjoy, I’m always open to feedback.

Piece: “Priority Picnic” Link

This is an animated generative AI work. It makes me think of the lightning fast news cycle, and the resulting “flavor of the day” commentary. The world can appear to be end and be reborn in less than 12 hours.

Piece: “Work meets pleasure” Link

Another animated piece, this feels like a commentary on content consumption, especially as it becomes more targeted. You are watching yourself.

Piece: “A gathering” Link

Must be watched. This is a haunting piece which reminds me of nightmares, with flitting figures and dark forests.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the artist! Find their links here.

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