Sushi x Susa x Layer N AMA 5/2/24


Susa, a natural extension of Sushi's brand, aims to fill a gap in the market for a fully on-chain order book for perpetual swaps. Speakers discussed the challenges of on-chain order books, including liquidity constraints and limited expressiveness, and explored potential solutions. Susa's engine is designed to achieve the same level of throughput as centralized exchanges, and the development process involves leveraging existing technology and designing custom execution environments. Speakers emphasized the importance of seamless integration and on-chain configuration for transparency and game-changing potential.


  • Sushi's vision is to build a super ecosystem of defi applications, resonating with Layer N's focus on seamless user experience and liquidity.

  • Layer N is a custom application built for settling transactions per second with sub-millisecond latencies, enabling complex features like cross-platform trading.

  • Sushi's on-chain configuration offers transparency and liquidity.

  • Limitations in on-chain order books, like concentrated liquidity, can be overcome with new technology.

  • Security and decentralization are key to on-chain order books, providing guarantees for traders' orders.

    • while avoiding centralization/counter party risk of exchanges

  • The speakers discussed the importance of scaling the platform to handle large numbers of users and transactions.

  • Susa's team wants to remove the limitations of on-chain order books, reach the scale of Coinbase/Binance, and improve on existing chains.

  • Developers can build protocols on top of Layer N, integrating with existing exchanges, and creating new use cases.

  • Layer N team was impressed with the level of knowledge and development expertise within the Sushi ecosystem.

  • The partnership between Sushi and Layer is seen as a natural extension of Sushi's open ecosystem, with the goal of creating a liquidity hub for market making strategies.

There wasn't a bunch of alfa regarding Susa, other than to follow Susa's twitter, Sushi's twitter, and Layer N's twitter. You can also visit susa exchange's landing page and sign up for their newsletter.



Layer N:

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