Build Business First, Then Build The NFT

NFT is the product of your brand

There are easily millions of NFTs being minted so far. Because many platforms allow you to do that for free.

Don't believe me how easy it is? You don't even need OpenSea to do this; there are platforms like

Frankly, most of these free NFTs being minted don't worth anything.

Just like, someone could just put up a website today. Will the website become successful simply because it's being published live?

Of course not. No traffic, no valuable content, no amazing product for sale, and the list goes on.

For the website to be successful, as in generating income, it needs to start with knowing the PURPOSE of it to be published.

Then, getting it promoted like crazy.

If you want your NFT collection to be successful, you need to work by using the concept of "Begin With The End In Mind".

Which means, you sort of work "backward".

Build the business first, not the NFTs.

With your business, create value for the marketplace.

Assuming your NFT is digital art. You must establish fans for your artwork before selling them your NFT digital art.

If your NFT's going to be a game. Promote the game and make sure people like to play it. Then introduce NFT into the game.

Is your NFT a type of utility like a membership pass?

Then it makes sense that you should promote your content and build your followers before launching your NFTs. If you're not an authority in your niche, convincing anyone to collect your NFTs will be more challenging.

So, if you already have a digital business, you should start your journey to integrate NFTs into it.

Otherwise, build the business first; then, you'll have an easier path to introduce NFTs as your product to your followers.

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