The 8-Week NFT Creator Beginner Training

I'm doing an 8-week class for free to teach the basics of creating an NFT

I feel that just teaching the concepts and strategies of NFTs is not "sufficient" to help creators, influencers and digital marketers to get started.

To teach the NFT Web3 topic, I need to understand my students, just like when I'm teaching internet marketing.

For instance, if I'm teaching a newbie to start an internet marketing business by selling a course, they'll still need to know how to buy a domain name, right? Or how to collect credit card payments online.

These are basics, but they're foundational knowledge required to get started.

Thus, I've laid out the 8 essential beginner topics for someone to create an NFT and sell.

They are:

Module #1: Introduction to NFTs. Before creating it, you must understand what it is and how it works.

Module #2: Why NFTs matter. How do you use NFTs for your business, regardless of whether you're a creator, influencer or digital marketer.

Module #3: Minting NFTs. How minting works and how you can do it.

Module #4: Your Digital Wallet. This is how you keep your NFTs and receive crypto payments.

Module #5: How To Buy NFTs. To sell NFTs, you must also know how the customers buy.

​Module #6: The Benefits of NFTs For Collectors And Creators.

​Module #7: NFT Case Study. The best way to learn is to learn from a case study how an ordinary person can start an NFT business too.

​Module #8: The Future. The NFT market is still in its early stages, and if you learn now, you'll have an advantage.

If you are a Web3 NFT expert, this is not for you.

I came from the Internet marketing industry, including digital marketing, online business building, and content creation. Here's my official website, just for reference,

After spending months researching and buying NFTs to learn the game since 2021, I finally understand the industry and how to ride on the technology to enter the Web3 space as a creator and entrepreneur.

I've made it my mission to onboard other creators, influencers and digital marketers and influencers into Web3 NFTs.

When The First Class Starts?

The first class will be on July 13th, 2023.

As long as you're registered for the class here, you'll receive the Zoom link to attend for free.

Here's the registration page:

How Do I Access The Recordings For Free?

Be A WakeUp Millionaire NFT Collector

If you are a WakeUp Millionaire NFT collector, you can access it. Otherwise, follow the instruction below to collect the NFT.

Frankly, this is the best way to be onboarded to create an NFT of your own - by collecting an NFT that serves as a utility for Web3. You can learn all you want by watching videos or reading books, but all those are theories. But when you go through the process, you'll learn much better.

BONUS: You'll also receive the Presentation Slides.

(Remark: The first-week recording hasn't been released yet)

Warm regards,

Patric Chan

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