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If You Only Have One Thing

When you only have one thing to focus, you'll speed up your success rate.

So one day, I saw this motorbike. It has a rider with a passenger. But more interestingly, it has a lot of stuff on it…

Based on this view, the vehicle's owner cares a lot for it, thus the decoration. 

Also, it’s a vehicle to help the owner to make money. She’s either collecting unwanted stuff to sell or offering to transport service for goods. Nobody’s riding around a bike with unwanted bottles and cardboard.

Imagine you’ll only have this motorcycle to help you to make money. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this vehicle a lot.

Also, you’ll be very creative about using it for “everything.”

What does this have to do with building an online business?

Many things. And I’m not just referring to gratitude, although that plays a vital role in business success. But from business principles.

1. Breakthrough Comes From Adversity

It’s rare to find someone achieving success without going through any adversity.

Let’s relate to building an online business so that you can relate...

Assuming you only have $500 to run ads. I’m sure you’ll be meticulous and study as hard as possible before you place your first $1 to advertise, right?

And one day, when you have a $5,000 budget to run ads, you’ll appreciate that luxury and know how to advertise more effectively. You’re forced to learn in the past because you do not have any choice.

2. You Will Be Serious

Do you know why most people fail to start an online business profitably?

Because they know there will always be another opportunity tomorrow. So they'll give up whatever had been presented to them if they tried and didn’t get any result immediately (or didn’t like it).

But imagine if you only have one. Just like, you only have this motorbike.

Whether you like it or not, you better appreciate it and do something about it.

When you are SERIOUS, you are FOCUSED. And that’s an ingredient needed to kickstart a successful project.

3. No Choice Is A Good Choice

So you wanted to start selling a product online. Let’s say, you’ve created a course and want to sell it.

Well, different experts will suggest different methods to you! So you'll end up with these suggestions…

i. Create a book funnel

ii. Promote webinars

iii. Create a video salesletter

iv. Build your Podcast

v. List your product in marketplaces like Udemy or ClickBank

vi. Build a Facebook Group community

And the list goes on…

There are simply too many ways to do it. The fascinating part is, none are correct and none are wrong. They are all of the options available!

But for the girl on the motorbike?

She doesn’t think about whether she should drive a car or ride a bike. What kind of cars or what kind of motorbikes? Or should she try to make money by doing other jobs.

Because there’s only a motorbike.

You must pick ONE METHOD (or business model) that suits you to succeed in an online business. Study that.

Then when it comes to promotions and traffic, pick on 3 traffic methods. You don’t need 101 ways to get traffic; you need 3 TRAFFIC SOURCES that work.

4. It Keeps You Happy

No, I’m not referring to having a motorbike to be happy. But if that works for you, then… that works for you.

What I am trying to say is this:

I honestly don’t “care” what other marketers are doing because I’m happy with what I have.

And the truth is, I do avoid being informed of what others are doing. I don’t check my Facebook feeds. Seriously, this is how it looks on my desktop. I use an app called News Feed Eradicator to block all content.

I’m only subscribed to less than 5 mailing lists that belong to other marketers.


Get your own “motorbike”. Use it for one specific way to make money. You’ll not just be able to get results in no time, but a happier person too.

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