Hilights of The 100 Flash Layers

In just a matter of minutes, the flash layers were able to accommodate various applications across DeFi, SocialFi, and NFTs. These layers recorded more than 105 million transactions over a week with an average of 173 TPS. The most popular flash layer was able to record over 23 million transactions in total and a peak observed TPS of 654. About 16% of flash layers recorded over 1 million transactions, while about 88% received more than half a million transactions.

To put these numbers in perspective, the activity on different live rollups today can be found on l2beat.com. The most popular flash layer processed more transactions over a week (23 million) than the sum of all existing Layer 2s and Ethereum, when extrapolated over a month. This astounding result is solid evidence of the scalability and performance that rollups can offer. Additionally, 11% of flash layers recorded a maximum daily TPS higher than the highest maximum daily TPS of Layer 2s listed on l2beat. Rollups have proven to handle traffic well and can be an excellent solution to address the industry's congestion issues.

For more relevant statistics on flash layers, check out https://100fl-stats.altlayer.io/.

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