My Personal Rules for Non-Fungible Thoughts

A first post

Hello World!

Welcome to Non-Fungible Thoughts! A space where I write stories, explore topics that interest me, and overall have fun writing. I am Fran, by the way.

If this is your first time visiting Non-Fungible Thoughts, I hope you find something enjoyable or inspiring in the following posts. I certainly will. However, before you read on, I want to clarify something: I am writing this for me and not for you. The stories and posts I will share are things that I felt compelled to write down because I thought they were interesting or fun. They are little obsessions in my brain I just needed to get down on paper (or on screen). I hope in sharing them that you will find them fun and entertaining as well, but your opinion matters less to me than just getting these thoughts out into world so they can work their magic in whatever way they see fit.

As such here are some ground rules for Non-Fungible Thoughts (remember again that these rules are for me and not for you).

My Rules

  • Non-Fungible Thoughts only. I will work to post my own unique stories, takes, and interests. There is no value in this if I'm not writing down my own thoughts for myself.

  • This is a personal hobby and is meant to be fun. If it becomes a job, I will stop. If it becomes not-fun, I will stop.

  • No Schedules / No Deadlines. I will post when I want to. Not before.

  • This is not a "Themed" blog. No topic is off limits. I will write about whatever I feel like. Fiction, non-fiction, analysis, self reflection, anything and everything is fair game.

That's it. Those are my rules. I hope this works for me and that you get something out of it too.



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