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Time seemed to slow as the quarter-penny spun through the air. My attention so hyper focused on its flight I could clearly see the 4 stamped into its surface as it glittered through the sky 10 paces away. As I watched the copper sparkle fall I was struck by the fine line between luck and fate. What other paths could I have chosen had fortune not cast them aside? Or was every step forward destined to bring me to this moment?

As the quarter-penny hit the ground the return of time was harsh and breathtaking. My eyes snapped to my opponent as my weapon flew out of its holster. Sounds, feelings, recognition; these took much longer to enter my consciousness. The sound of shots being fired. A body slumping to the ground. A cacophony of cries and cheers. Slowly the world came into focus around me.

Step by painful step I marched forward to claim my prize from the dirt. As I picked the quarter-penny up from the ground, a wild grin spread across my face. Through the surrounding din I could hear almost maniacal laughter and for a moment I wondered… was it the quarter-penny laughing or was that me?

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