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The Much-anticipated Rebranding

Many of you have been with us since the founding of this group, and we are grateful for your patience as we made a change to our original corporate structure that would increase the success of our organization. Although we moved away from the community for a while, our commitment to our objectives never wavered.

Now that we are here today with this amazing community that wants what we previously given them, we say, absolutely, we can. Read on for more information on the rebranding, 0% charge private sale access, departure from Telegram, and many other unique features designed to bring value to all crypto enthusiasts and investors. 

The Rebranding

Because we changed our business structure and took a different approach, we needed to rename what we left behind; as a result, we are now known as Normie Capital. We think the name is amusing, unique, and catchy... You are now all Normie's.

The Exciting New Features

When we first formed the group, our guiding philosophy was to provide every member with access to high-quality private sales. We now believe it is time to add additional value in order to serve different audiences within the community. 


Investments in Private Sales 0% FEE

You can now get deals with no fees, Invest Like the Top 1%: Join the club to gain early access to investments.

Ideas for Exchange

Trade ideas are provided through dedicated channels from various team members.

$1,000 → $10,000 Challenge

Participate in the 10x your wallet challenge.

On-chain (DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Memes) 

Dedicated team members offering on-chain trends as well as alerts.

This all can be accessed for $80 per month, we will be doing an introductory 50% discount for limited time only using code NEWYEAR50 at:

Discord is the replacement for Telegram.

As crypto enthusiasts, we understand how essential Telegram is and that the bulk of the community uses it on a daily basis; nevertheless, with our new strategy, we believe that moving to Discord is the best way to stay organized and execute on all of the important features we intend to put out.

With the switch to Discord, we will be locking the Telegram conversation and will be fully functional on Discord starting today. For more information, see the FAQ section at the bottom.


  • Are the private deals truly free of charge?

    • Yes, all Normie Capital deals will have a 0% fee.

  • Can I pay in cryptocurrency?

    • Yes, there is a cryptocurrency payment option when signing up.

  • Is Discord required to join the group?

    • Yes, a Discord account is required to join the new group.

  • Do you need KYC for investments?

    • If you want to engage in the group's other features, you won't need to KYC; but, if you want to invest, we do require KYC, which is handled by a third party and we do not have access to the data.

  • Can citizens of the United States invest?

    • A US citizen would be required to self-certify as an accredited investor

  • What happens if I don't want to join the new group? What happens to my existing investments and dashboard access?

    • If you do not choose to join the new group, you will continue to receive your previous investments and have access to the current dashboard. 

  • How can I receive support if I don't join the new discord server?

    • If you join the group, you will receive dedicated support; otherwise, you can contact us at

      This all can be accessed for $80 per month, we will be doing an introductory 50% discount for limited time only using code NEWYEAR50 at:

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