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Nouns DAO - June 2024/5

Hottest News

Best Series!

The Rise of Blus has been awarded the Best Series award at the 17th Animator International Short Film Competition! You can watch it and mint the scenes here.

The Nouniverse

Amiyoko is selling patches!

Ohan made nounish controllers!

An upcoming NFTs, metaverse and pixel art workshop in Shizuoka using Nouns on the flyer (more in this tweet).

More interesting tweets and casts:

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

Dopamine x Nouns is back! Nouns Esports received the remaining supply from Proposal 132 and the merch is now available on

Check out the results of Nexus Art Contest here.

The Noun Square

New episode of Zero Pod, featuring Matcha and 0x cofounder Amir Bandeali - watch and mint on Zora.

Nouns Roundup for the month of June is here! Mint on Zora.

Toady recently won the Castout game (a Farcaster version of Survivor) and decided to donate the his full winnings (100k $DEGEN) to Yellow Collective - Warpcast.

STRK Claim

Solimander succesfully claimed the STRK token airdrop and converted it to ETH. Most of the funds (8.6 ETH) were sent to the treasury, 3 x 0.1 ETH has been reserved for Solimander for the execution and gas fees, for maty and Mart for notifying about the airdrop and the upcoming deadline.

Nouns Fest

More WIPs from the some of the teams working on clips for the NounsFest.


New cool animated clips


Big numbers coming in from nounish, over 1 BILLION views on Giphy and over 1 MILLION shares on Tenor!

Nouns Camp

Camp is testing a couple of new features like rewarding voters with $NOUNS (top heavy, based on revotes) and transaction simulations checks, more in the latest update.

Nouns Shelter

Last update and a recap from Nouns Shelter team.

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Noun 663 to Will Papper - Executed

  2. Redo - Add Tuba and Sandcastle Heads - Executed

  3. The Noggle Ring (v3) | Presented By CryptoJeweler - Defeated

  4. NounSwap v1: Swap Noun 1088 + 0.06 WETH for Noun 558 from the Nouns Treasury - Executed

  5. Digital art exhibition - Canceled

  6. Public Good Educational Protocol sponsored by Nouns DAO (v2) - Defeated

  7. prop 1+ - Canceled

  8. Public Nouns-Themed Play Corner - Active

  9. NounSwap v1: Swap Noun 1119 + 0.05 WETH for Noun 418 from the Nouns Treasury - Active

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