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Bye Bye Prop House

Nouns DAO - May 2024/3

Hottest News

Goodbye Prop House

The team decided to sunset Prop House and double down on Seneca talks about the decision more in-depth in this blogpost.

Onchain Summer Buildathon

The registrations for the Nouns co-sponsored Onchain Summer Buildathon are now open!

The Nouniverse

Premium nounish tea from the Nouns Amigos community - Twitter., a new nounish merch shop by Benjamin Latsko - Twitter.

TEJI has also launched a capsule collection inspired by Nouns - Warpcast.

Benbodshi's benouna as an action figure:

Brennen proposed giving 4 nouns to the Nouns Documentary team - Seth Green, Eric Towner, Chris Waters and Neil Berkeley.

Over $3 million in funding sitting in projects now labeled as "uncertain":

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

Nouns' Counter Strike team dominated one of the biggest North American tournaments - NA Revival Cup hosted by Complexity.

Aklo placed 7th at GOMLX - Twitter.

The Noun Square

New ZeroPod episode is out, this time with Nick Hollins, the founder of UFO - Twitter.

TNS also celebrated the 700th episode of Noun O Clock. They have been hosting it consistently every day since June 13th 2022 - Warpcast.

CC0 Lib

CC0 Lib recently held a contest for local malaysian artists and a third Prop house round, where they even allowed easy voting (via email/wallet connect) for all community members!

Apart from that, they built a project tracker that keeps us in loop on their on-going, upcoming and past projects.

Noun en Scène

Nouns x Ledger

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Nouns Fungible Token: audit funding - Defeated

  2. $βŒβ—§-β—§, aligned participation in Nouns - Executed

  3. Nouns Sponsoring the Onchain Summer Buildathon - Executed

  4. Noun 877 to Drew Coffman for excellence in governance - Executed

  5. Farcaster-native notification system for the Nouns DAO - Active

  6. NounSwap v1: Swap Noun 1108 for Noun 788 from the Nouns Treasury - Active

  7. Gift Seth, Eric, Chris, & Neil Treasury Nouns - Active

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