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Nouns DAO - April 2024/2

Hottest News


The verbs team has started to explore the idea of Nouns DAO launching a token backed by Nouns. This would allow the DAO to distribute Noun tokens to its members via proposals or even Prop House rounds. And that would certainly be fun! Read more below.


Nounish Round 8 ended recently, claim your rewards here. Seneca also launched 2 new channels - /nouns-draws focused on nounish art and /nouns-propdates encouraging builders to post updates.

Nouns Watch

Nouns Watch preorders are live at

Here is Nouns Watch at the pop up event Watch&Match - Twitter.

The Nouniverse

Should Nouns adopt unicode characters that make up the unicode noggles?

Teji's newsletter mentions Nouns - Warpcast.

Karl sending sneak peeks from China:

PizzaDAO commisioned a nounish pizza in honor of the DAO's contribution towards the Global Pizza Party 2024.

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

Semphis will be transitioning into a new role for Nouns Esports as they welcome Adren as the new CS coach!

Nouns x Worst - Don't Tell Peanut

RSVP for the film premiere (May 4th) below:

Nouns Documentary

The trailer for the documentary is live, featuring 4156!

Noggle Changer

Even though Kurage did not hit his sales target, he retured 50% of the sale proceeds (0.66 ETH) back to Nouns DAO! The unsold stock will be sold at future events - propdate.

The Nominal Hero

The book is now available in physical form!


Very impressive numbers in the latest propdate from nounish. They managed to grow their total following to over 280k, with more than 25 million views in the past 2 month! Their top video received over 5 million views across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Nogglers - The Story Behind the Square Glasses

The team is hard at it, currently working on rigging and voice acting. The final video should be released in July - full propdate here.

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Noundry: Add Squirt Gun Head - Defeated

  2. The Nouns Fair 2024 - Canceled

  3. Gift Noun 778 to John Hamon - Passed

  4. Proposal: Nouns Feature Documentary Mint, World Premiere and Global Distribution - Passed

  5. The Nouns Fair 2024 (updated) - Passed

  6. Heal Noun O'Clock; Full Spec and Economic Audit of % Exit, An Arbitrage-Free Forking Mechanic - Passed

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