$NOUNS Is Here

Nouns DAO - June 2024/2

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$NOUNS Is Here

After the official proposal to audit (and subsequently deploy) $NOUNS failed, krel took matters into his own hands! The token is now live and people can deposit their Noun to the contract and get 1 million $NOUNS in return. There are already 15 Nouns in the contract - you can track the number of Nouns deposited with this profile on Camp and the number of $NOUNS holders with this cool website by hoanh.

Since then both PaymentBot and BountyBot added support for the token (see the first successful bounty paid with $NOUNS)!

The token also allowed for an unexpected new feature - instant and permissionless swaps between Nouns! Paperclip Labs worked hard and managed to quickly ship a wonderful UI and UX for both the swaps (Valerie Taylor already tested it out) and converting NFTs into $NOUNS! (read more about Nounswap in this Farcaster thread).

Nouns floor on secondary has quickly risen above book value as people closed the gap between the $NOUNS demand and the recent auction prices.

The Nouniverse

Sloppy was streaming creating his short for Nouns Fest on his Twitch, you can watch the recording and follow him here so you dont miss the future streams!

Nounish cookies by taroron - Warpcast

More interesting tweets and casts:

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on propdates.wtf.

Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports introduced the Nexus, "the place where the Nouns Esports community comes together to help shape the future of esports" - more below.

Salt won Out of The Blue 3 in Chicago! - Warpcast.

More good press from Dust2, seems like people love the model.

The Noun Square

TNS is running yet another art contest!

Vision Van

Over 3000 eye exams done with Nouns van!


Gnars are producing more Nounstacles! As part of his proposal, Pharrá created an awesome guide that shows people how to build their own noggle rails.

Shark, Pickle, Cone

IndieWire recently published an article about the Nouns documentary "Shark, Pickle, Cone", you can read it here.


Seneca recently launched a new channel /nouns-clips for a longer form animation (longer than the stuff in nouns-animators but still short). You can already see a bunch of cool WIP pics, my fav from Brett below:

Artist Program

Nouns School

The construction of Nouns School in Uganda has officially started! The kids and locals celebrated the groundbreaking event with a Hypers Kids Africa performance - more in Propdate.

Nouns x Ledger

Ledger giveaways for Gnars and Nouns BR holders!

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Client Incentives: parameters setting and activation - Executed

  1. Nouns City: CC0 Asset Pack - Executed

  2. Nouns FE! - Sponsor a Pro Female Counter-Strike Team - Executed

  3. Augmented Reality (AR) World Experiences for Nouns v4 - Canceled

  4. Maty in Nouns (2024) - Executed

  5. Nouns Transformer[Phase 1] - Build a Nouns giant robot and spread Nouns to 10 million people - Defeated

  6. Noundry: Add Sand Castle Head - Active

  7. Nouns Deli - Let's Keep Cooking ⌐◨-◨ - Active

  8. Funding an Additional Nouns Car: "Extremely Nounish" for the Variety Bash and Beyond - Active

  9. Nouns at EDCON 2024 in Tokyo ⌐◨-◨ - Active

  10. Approve ID 14 for Client Incentives - Active

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