$NOUNS vs $NOGS: Round 1

Nouns DAO - April 2024/3

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$NOUNS vs $NOGS, a drama unfolding

While verbs are quietly working on a novel mechanism of turning Nouns NFTs into 1.000.000 $NOUNS tokens, the team behind NNS has successfully launched a token of their own after raising over 500 ETH via Party.app. At first, $NOGS were "just" a community reward, given away for participation in Nouns DAO and some subDAOs, but now they have been released to the wild world, climbing to a market cap of over 20 million at the local top!

All of this sparked a heated debate by some community members, as some claim this is an official nounish token (since it was technically a part of a passed proposal, even though the details have changed a lot since) while others argue against it.

Like it or not, it seems $NOGS have captured a large audience (over 6300 holders) and are here to stay. It remains to be seen what happens when (or if?) an "official" $NOUNS token launches!

Nouns x Variety

Variety looking for Nouners that want to participate in the ride!

Ledger Raffle

Nounish ledgers are here! If you have completed the Nouns DAO Ledger Quest, make sure to enter the raffle for a chance to win a free LEDGER (I won, hooray!)

The Nouniverse

Base (and many other projects) have started using Rounds to distribute rewards to active Farcaster users.

Ian cooking with Nouns x Opepen.

Cool pick of Toady from ETH Denver - Warpcast.

Special nounish episode of MetaPlex'd.

Crusty grizzled nounerselves by gremplin.

Andrei has a cool idea for a Farcaster native notification system for Nouns! Read more below.

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on propdates.wtf.

The Noun Square

TNS is running a contest Based & Yellow Make Green on Rounds.wtf in collaboration with HIGHER! They are also working with Cory Van Lew to launch the first ever fine art print drop claimable via Frame.

Nous Deli

Cool new video from the Deli

Nouns x EthOS

EthOS team mentioned Nouns in a recent blog post .

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Bring Our Nouns Home - Active

  2. The Noggle Ring (v2) | Presented By CryptoJeweler - Active

  3. Increase Fork Threshold to 51% - Active

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