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Get Ready for Nouns Fest

Nouns DAO - May 2024/4

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Nouns Fest

The Nouns Fest will take place on 10th of October in LA, get your tickets now!
Here's a list of all the 50 animators taking part in the festival!

There are a few smaller groups working on side-events around Nouns Fest so stay tuned for more info!

Nounish Card

What a wild thing to see - the team behind NNS and $NOGGLES recently introduced the first Nouns debit card!

The Nouniverse

Lovely Twitter thread by Goldy:

Media from some of the Global Pizza Parties sponsored by Nouns - Kenya, Japan, Indonesia, Chicago, ..

More interesting tweets and casts:

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports recently ran a Smash Bros event Matcha Cup (in partnership with Matcha, ofc):

To celebrate the CS2 team's good run in the Thunderpick WC qualifiers (placing second after loosing to M80), they are running a CS2 knife skin giveaway which is getting a lot of love on Twitter.

The Noun Square

The Yellow Collective will be adding 50 new heads and the vote is now live on Uplink.

Last week's Nouns Round Up.

Nouns x Farcaster

Update from Nounspace, one of the winners of the Nouns x Farcaster round.

Nouns Deli

The Deli received a great coverage in local paper! - Twitter

Free Beef Burger Recipe mint by Lambie! (other recepies hopefully coming soon, you can find the gallery on Zora).

Conquering a volcano in the name of Nouns - Docuseries with Sunny Pires in Nicaragua

Sunny is on his way to Nicaragua! Him an Ricky are organising an event in Buzios (BR) on 6th of July! More info in this Propdate.

Mucho Love

New update from necfas - they have been consistently uploading content across all platforms and reached 1k subs on their YouTube channel in the process!


New trait proposals done via Noundry will now include a signed declaration of releasing the art as CC0!

Nouns Crown

The game's Steam page is now live, which means you can add it to your wishlist and get notified once it's released!

Nouns Shelter

More nounish animal shelters in Changsha, China!

Nouns Movie

Episode 3 premiering soon!

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Farcaster-native notification system for the Nouns DAO - Defeated

  2. NounSwap v1: Swap Noun 1108 for Noun 788 from the Nouns Treasury - Executed

  3. Gift Seth, Eric, Chris, & Neil Treasury Nouns - Queued

  4. Kendama is Nounish - Queued

  5. Nouns x ENS | Empowering NFTs on Ethereum - Active

  6. Approve ID 1-10 for Client Incentives - Active

  7. Fund Retroactive Rounds via - Active

  8. Enjoy Nouns with - Active

  9. Additional resources for development - Active

  10. Nouns University: A Mission to Disseminate Nouns to Students through Education, Scholarship, and Build with Nouns Programs - Active

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