Nouns Documentary? SOON.

Nouns DAO - April 2024/1

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Nouns Documentary? SOON.

Chris Waters (and the rest of Stoopid Buddy) recently posted a proposal outlining the plan to release “Shark, Pickle, Cone”, an hour-long nounish documentary! They are planning to host a premier event to celebrate the release, mint a spacial NFT and host an after party! Read the full proposal here.

The Nouniverse

WillyWonka made a special batch of eclipse noggles. Just in time!

There have been quite a few Noun sales on secondary, perhaps we attracted arbers again with all the talk about a token?

JP compiled nounish art featured in Times Square!

People seem to like Quack stickers - Warpcast.

Spencer Perkins updated the Nouns Auction Frame, which now supports auction bidding!

Round 2 of Animate Nouns has officially ended - watch the amazing gorrilla animation below (#1) and scroll through all the amazing submissions here.

Public Nouns donated 5 ETH to Roman & Alexey's legal defense via Juicebox.

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

The first proper Propdate from Nouns Esports!

The Noun Square

The second monthly based and yellow artist spotlight, this time with Sloppy Pencil!

There is only a week left to enter the Yellow Collective's new trait contest.
TNS also recently gave away 200k DEGEN via rounds.

Xanadu x Nouns

A few words from Cory (Blu), read the full update here.

"...I will say a huge amount of progress was made on this Prop (#135) before things came to a halt and it's stuff I’m extremely excited to share! I also want to mention how this prop really saved me personally during my most challenging time but more on that in the coming update..."

Nouns Children's Book Development

A long-awaited update from Brandon.

"Wanted to share an update on what's been going on with prop 83 - children's book development. I've developed a few different ideas, some manuscripts and book dummies, and some of this has been pitched to my agent.
Unfortunately, long story short, nothing has landed yet. There's never a guarantee that any pitch will be successful of course, but it is frustrating to not have something that's found some legs so far.
I wanted to share a few book ideas I've explored..."

Nouns Fund Education

New update from david, TLDR: plans approved by government, designs approved, slightly behind schedule.

Nouns Fair at ETH Global Hackathons

Final update from the team, detailing all they have accomplished.

Nouns OTG

Another OTG short film, Obrigado Aimigo, starring Bob Burnquist!

Nouns Winter Shelter: Saving Cats & Dogs

Second update from Coral - donated food, held events, planning a neutering program, producing a recap video, which should launch soon!

TSP x ASK Long Beach: Silverado Skatepark

More pics from Oni.

Nouns Deli

Mint the Timpers x Nouns Deli artwork for a chance to win Chimpers NFT!

John Hamon x Nouns, now in NYC

Nounish Friends

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Gift Matt Downey Noun 301 for the discovery of the unicode noggles - Queued

  2. Let's Throw a Bigger Global Pizza Party! Nouns x PizzaDAO 2024 - Succeeded

  3. Noundry: Add Squirt Gun Head - Active

  4. The Nouns Fair 2024 - Canceled

  5. Gift Noun 778 to John Hamon - Active

  6. Proposal: Nouns Feature Documentary Mint, World Premiere and Global Distribution - Active

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