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Nouns on Google Maps

Nouns DAO - June 2024/4

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Nouns on Google Maps

As Proposal 100 foretold, Noggles made it onto Google Maps! You can find them close to the Michigan Stadium at 327 E Hoover Ave, Ann Arbor.

The Nouniverse

The first client incentive rewards have been distributed!

NounCraft, a Minecraft server led by RobotFishGirl is now open for business!

Noggle patches made by amiyoko

Nounish Ledger giveaway for BuilderDAO holders! Enter here.

The Noggles Club is finally live! $NOGS holders are earning free entries to weekly raffles.

This week's nouncil call had a massive attendance!

More interesting tweets and casts:

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports is hosting a Nexus art contest with 1000 $ in prizes.

Some stats from the past week - over 17k total page views!

Look at this cool photo from Tipped Off Peter shared on Farcaster!

The Noun Square

Mint "Snail", an absolute banger inspired by the Snail head from Yellow Collective!

Nouns Watch

The first shipment of Nouns Watches has arrived!

Artist Program

The latest Artist Program round received over 100 submission!

Nouns Fest

More sneak peeks for the upcoming Nousn Fest!

Nouns Coffee Shop

Nouns Coffee shop identity unveiled! Mint on Zora.

Nouns Fair

The team is getting ready for another ETH Global event. You can meet them July 12-14th in Brussel!

Nouns School

Davin shared yet another video from the building progress!

And an amazing dance video by Hyper's Kids Africa!

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Claim STRK Token Allocation - Executed

  2. Public Good Educational Protocol by Nouns DAO - Canceled

  3. Noun 663 to Will Papper - Active

  4. Redo - Add Tuba and Sandcastle Heads - Active

  5. The Noggle Ring (v3) | Presented By CryptoJeweler - Active

  6. NounSwap v1: Swap Noun 1088 + 0.06 WETH for Noun 558 from the Nouns Treasury - Active

  7. Digital art exhibition - Active

  8. Public Good Educational Protocol sponsored by Nouns DAO (v2) - Active

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