Quackity Quack, This Success Ain't No Luck

Nouns DAO - May 2024/1

Hottest News

Quack and Lola on FIREEEEEE

Quack has surpassed 2 million followers on Instagram, with over 300 million views in total! This ranks it among the top 10 most-watched animation-focused Instagram reels.

They are also finalising their first merch campaign (looks like there will be plushies!) - Propdate.

Big Agora News

Agora recently raised $5M!

The Nouniverse

Listen to the $NOUNS regulatory Q&A with Noun40 and the Nouns Foundation's lawyer on Twitter (starts around 3:40).

Nouns number plates ready for the Variety's charity ride.

Try Gabriel Ayuso's nouns-focused farcaster client here.

Splits mention Nouns int their latest blogpost!

Nounish people at Farcon - Warpcast

More great nounish art from Farcaster:

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on propdates.wtf.

Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports converting the non-believers!

Nouns x Matcha at Farcon!

The Noun Square

TNS and Yellow Collective were at Farcon - selling merch and getting shout outs from Jesse himself :)

Nounish Coffee shop

Finally we have some news on the Nounish Coffee Shop and unfortunately it's not all good. The original location has fallen through, but the good news is the team is already looking for a new one! They have also shared the logo and name for the brand - n ◨ u n

Mucho Love

New update from necfas - Mucho is now an officially registered business in Dominican Republic!
They've also been consistently putting out content on both Instagram and YouTube.

Bali Nouns Week

Final update from the Bali Nouns Week, featuring a lot of amazing creations from the Prop House round they ran.

Nouns Fair


New camp features - Farcaster comments, voter overview page and improved proposal overview and status bar.


Nouns: A Movie

Episode 3 soon!

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Client Incentives V1 (1/2): DAO logic & Auction House contract upgrades - Executed

  2. Noundry: Add Tuba Head - Passed

  3. Smash Bros Coast to Coast: Gaming Events in Atlanta, LA, and NYC - Active

  4. Lunouns | The everyday Nouns Eyewear - Active

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