Shark, Pickle, Cone - Don't Watch It Alone!

Nouns DAO - May 2024/2

Hottest News

Shark, Pickle and Cone

The documentary is finally coming!

Purple DAO is now an official nonprofit!

The Nouniverse

Benjamin shared his ETH Denver photos in this Paragraph post.

New trait proposal passed! Welcome amiyoko's tuba:

Amazing Magic Hat trait by Carlos (Greta) - Twitter.

TEJI vlogged his ETHGlobal hackathon experience - Twitter.

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on

Nouns Esports

Nouns Esports recently held a charity tournament, honouring their former CS player David "cynic" Polster.

The latest proposal by Nouns Esports has passed!

The Noun Square

In honor of the upcoming Nouns documentary by Stoopid Buddy studios, TNS managed to settle a Shark now, followed by a Pickle and a Cone!

More than 2000 mints of this amazing Yon x Yellow NFT have been collected by fans!

Nouns x Ledger

The nounish Ledgers are now available for purchase! More details on playdna website.

Worst x Nouns

Don't Tell Peanut is LIVE! Watch and mint below.

CC0 Lib

Nous Movie

Sneak peeks from the next part of Nouns Movie!

Nouns Deli

Deli website is live!

Nouns Fair

Pics from Sydney!

Efficax - back the next generation of on-chain art

The latest version of Efficax is finally live! It allows you to mint your art on many different networks and save a lot of money on gas! More info in Propdates.

Nouns Public Infrastructure

All the benches and sculptures have been installed! Watch the instalation video below

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Smash Bros Coast to Coast: Gaming Events in Atlanta, LA, and NYC - Executed

  2. Lunouns | The everyday Nouns Eyewear - Defeated

  3. Nouns Fungible Token: audit funding - Active

  4. $βŒβ—§-β—§, aligned participation in Nouns - Active

  5. Nouns Sponsoring the Onchain Summer Buildathon - Active

  6. Noun 877 to Drew Coffman for excellence in governance - Active

  7. Farcaster-native notification system for the Nouns DAO - Active

  8. NounSwap v1: Swap Noun 1108 for Noun 788 from the Nouns Treasury - Active

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