Time to Govern

Nouns DAO - June 2024/1

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Time to Govern

Last month had the most amount of active proposals and the most amount of votes this year!
(We've also seen a lot of updates, scroll down to read some of them.)

Nouns Movie - save the date!

The third episode is coming on June 15th!
Watch the trailer below (psst... the full episode is supposedly nearly 14 minutes long!!)

Nouns x Ledger

The nounish ledger is now available for purchase for everyone!

The Nouniverse

4156 is thinking about making a Nouns musical!

More interesting tweets and casts:

Projects updates

You can find new proposal updates on propdates.wtf.

Nouns Documentary

The documentary is now live at sharkpicklecone.wtf!

Nouns Esports

Dota 2 is flying to Riyadh!

The first of the events funded via Prop 534 just hit 500 registered attendees!

The Noun Square

New episode of ZeroPod, this time with MODE network's founder!


Joel just shared the first of the data dashboards, a page tracking all treasury assets (API is coming as well!)

Nouns Breakers

Nouns Breakers with a gold medal!


Since $NOUNS audit prop was defeated, verbs are rethinking the approach to their work and communication with the whole DAO. They release the code on GitHub. More in the latest Propdate.

Nouns Deli

4844 Short Film

Yitong just shared 20% of the mint proceeds with the DAO, this amounts to over 34.5 ETH!

CC0 Lib

New update from WNX and NeroOne - results from their 3rd PH round, new community voting and their own project tracker - Updates.wtf


An amazing new Three artists episode, this time with a macaroni head!

You can see an overview of all funded proposals here.

Nouner section

On-chain proposals

  1. Nouns x ENS | Empowering NFTs on Ethereum - Defeated

  2. Approve ID 1-10 for Client Incentives - Executed

  3. Fund Retroactive Rounds via Rounds.wtf - Executed

  4. Enjoy Nouns with probe.wtf - Defeated

  5. Additional resources for rounds.wtf development - Executed

  6. Nouns University: A Mission to Disseminate Nouns to Students through Education, Scholarship, and Build with Nouns Programs - Defeated

  7. Client Incentives: parameters setting and activation - Active

  8. Nouns City: CC0 Asset Pack - Active

  9. Nouns FE! - Sponsor a Pro Female Counter-Strike Team - Active

  10. Augmented Reality (AR) World Experiences for Nouns v4 - Active

  11. Maty in Nouns (2024) - Active

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