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I said I wouldn't overthink it

turns out...I did it anyways

You might have forgotten you subscribed to this newsletter, or that it existed at all. Ironically my last post (also my first Paragraph post) was titled "The first thing you'll likely do is overthink it". So naturally I overthought what this post would be about. In fairness, my wife gave birth to our second child during this gap, so my attention has been on arguably more important things.

One of the struggles I have when putting together a newsletter is that I feel I should provide you with something long or short. For whatever reason I never considered removing this binary choice and just doing whichever one the moment called for. Not all subjects warrant long write-ups anyways. I'm sure theres a study that reveals you're more likely to continuously read something if it get's to the point quicker. Once you see someone do what you want to do out in the world, you should be left with less doubt as to why you shouldn't be doing it yourself. With all that out of the way here's what you can expect from me going forward:

A curated selection of quality Warpcast conversations you should read / interact with

Like this:

And these:

But that's not all. You'll also get......

An update on my journey figuring out the best ways to mint your work and ideas onchain

A few months ago I started experimenting minting my work on L2 protocols. Now that i've minted a few ideas under different settings (mint size & claim window, free mints vs paid, Curated niche markets vs, well know markets) I'm going to let you know what I found works best. This is ongoing, but my intention is to bring clarity to where there's currently a lot of confusion

Design ideas that either ran through my mind, or crossed my vision at some point

Good design ultimately has a knock on effect that inspires other areas of my thinking. I try to immerse myself in it. This week I came across someone who envisioned a pocket pinball machine. It's such a sleek looking concept. Even if it were to exist and not fully deliver on the concept, I'd still be inspired by its design and want to have it close by.

Concept by Giacomo Carlini

What I'm reading/watching that you might want to check out

Finishing Jon Romero's biography, Doom Guy. If you're interested in knowing how the FPS genre was invented and reinvented within the span of a decade this book is for you. There's also some excellent stories on running a pioneering business in your 20's (as well as the common mistakes that come with inexperience)

I a newly restored preview version of Saul Bass's Phase IV, a sci-fi any horror film from 1974 that to this day has the best ant cinematography thats ever been committed to film. This was legendary designer, Saul Bass's only feature film. If you know his work, his attention to detail, as well as experimentation is in full effect.

The cover art for the Phase IV soundtrack

I figure that's a loose enough framework to let me wax poetic about the things that come natural to me. Hopefully it entertains as well as encourages experimentation for others.

I'm sure this will evolve over time, but for now its a good place to start. Thank you for sticking with me. Hold me accountable. I'll see you all again in a week 👋

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