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Why 'Drakula' Must Evolve Beyond Its Name to Succeed

There's a reason why the best brand names are nebulous and mean nothing

Drakula is the latest app to interact with a Farcaster login (well neynar to be exact)

It's essentially a tiktok clone with friendtech elements so you can tip and bet on creators, as well as have them do the same for you. In a time when tiktok is looking like it could be banned in the U.S, Drakula might find itself in the right place at the right time to capture some of that audience. Beyond the technical growing pains and identity oversights its currently facing (which most new apps have anyways), there's a bigger problem Drakula has to deal with that would prevent it from growing beyond a niche audience.

Let me elaborate. Imagine a world where Drakula takes off. People who don't understand it (the same people who voted to ban TikTok ) just need to use this name to hijack the narrative. I can already see the lower third banner at the bottom of the nightly news "Kids addicted to Blood coins from Drakula". A lot of people would scoff at how ridiculous something like this sounds, but then a lot of people would take it at face value and buy into the fear mongering.

Fear mongering is a global pass time

While that scenario has yet to play out for Drakula, just by being an app that brings together two topics that are often maligned and misunderstood in the press (crypto and tiktok), Drakula will find itself in an uphill battle. The name gives the press and others who hate these two topics an additional narrative it can embellish and deviate focus to.

How does Drakula avoid this fate? By change the name to something that sounds like it means something, but actually means nothing. Keep in mind that the best brand names are intentionally nebulous. There's a reason for that:

The added challenge for Drakula is that it has a native token called blood. Token names can't be changed once minted, but they can be burned and redeemed for alternatives. At this stage it makes sense for Drakula to continue ironing out its initial bugs and refining its tech. However, if the team and investors behind Drakula plan on growing it beyond a small niche audience, hopefully grabbing more of that tiktok audience, a name change is inevitable.

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