China's Propaganda 2.0: Leading the Global Digital Shift

"Digital war correspondents" and "chicken soup for the soul".

The new stage of China's technological restructuring of propaganda. In the field of technology-based propaganda, China leads the world both in scale (with over 1 billion active social media and video platform users) and in innovative approaches, methods, and tools. Therefore, as with any other area of international technological leadership, China serves as a model for imitation in the realm of propaganda technologies. This is why it is crucial to track the trends of Chinese innovations in this area. The best practices of the second stage of China's technological restructuring of propaganda, which began this year, are likely to be adopted by other countries soon. Further detailed information (with examples, pictures, and videos) can be found here • What technological restructuring of propaganda is being referred to; • What new stage of this restructuring began in 2024; • The essence and distinctive features of the new stage.

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