Crisis and Leadership

The Unpredictable Challenge Every Leader Must Face

April 10 "Crisis and Leadership" Leading is a thankless task. The most successful leader of the 20th century was Winston Churchill. Yet for 12 years, from 1928 to 1940, he was sidelined, almost discredited – Britain had no need for Churchill then. When disaster struck, thankfully, he was in the right place. Fortunately or unfortunately, the only predictable thing in any company is crisis. It's what always happens. In such situations, everything depends on the leader. The most important task of a company leader is to anticipate the crisis. Perhaps not to prevent it, but to foresee it. Waiting until the crisis hits is capitulation. A leader must foresee the storm, prepare the company for it, essentially getting ahead of it. It is impossible to prevent a major catastrophe, but you can create a company whose employees are battle-ready, adhere to high moral principles, and believe in themselves and their colleagues. The first rule of military training – soldiers need to trust their officers: without this, they cannot fight. TIP OF THE DAY Face the sharp problems your company encounters. Address them openly and honestly. Garner support to take the necessary steps.

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