"Management: Testing by Practice"

The correctness of a solution in management is checked by whether it works or not. The leaders of GM believed that they had discovered absolute principles, like laws of nature. Conversely, I've always thought that such human-formulated principles are, at best, guesses. My approach to management has always differed from the positions of publication authors or theoreticians on this topic (perhaps that's why I've never been recognized as an authority in the eyes of academic scholars). I believe in the existence of basic values, especially human ones, but I do not believe in the existence of "one correct answer." There are answers which are likely to be mistaken. A decision in management or another social discipline is checked not by whether it is correct or not, but by whether it works. I've always thought that management is not a branch of theology, but rather a branch of medicine. Management, like medical practice, is checked not by how "scientific" the treatment was, but by whether the patient has recovered. TIP OF THE DAY: Name three personal rules that helped optimize your work. Name an "alphabet truth" that didn't work for you.

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