The 'Score' in Organizations

Harmonizing Efforts for Optimal Performance

All hospital specialists jointly use a single 'score' for treatment and patient care. Several dozen musicians and a conductor can play together because they all have the same score. The 'score' for clinic specialists is the diagnosis, prescribing specific actions for the radiologist, therapist, dietitian, and other medical staff. In other words, an organization must have clear common goals that translate into concrete actions. In an organization, the 'musicians' are specialists who know what needs to be done themselves. There are likely to be few conductors showing the horn player how to perform. However, a conductor, by managing the orchestra, can focus attention on the virtuosity and talent of the horn player. This is the kind of focus organizational leaders should strive for. An organization should be structured based on goals that clearly state management’s expectations regarding the work of each department and each specialist. Additionally, feedback is crucial as it allows comparing results with expectations and develops self-control skills among employees. TIP OF THE DAY Have a unified 'score' for your organization that clearly declares management’s expectations regarding the company's activities, each of its structures, and each specialist, and allows comparing expectations with results.

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