Work in the Appropriate Organization

Where is My Place?

To develop yourself, you must engage in the right work within the appropriate organization. The main question here is: where is my place? To answer this, you need to understand what kind of environment you require to work most effectively: a large or small company? Do you prefer working as part of a team or independently? Are you stimulated by uncertainty? Are tight deadlines not an issue for you? If after considering the question "where is my place?" it turns out that it is not your current workplace, the next question will be: "why?" Is it because you cannot accept the organization's values? Is it a corrupt organization? If the organization's values are incompatible with yours, you will become cynical and despise yourself. Or maybe you are working under a corrupt leader who is involved in politics or only cares about their own career. Or - the most delicate situation - a boss you admired is failing to support, nurture, and promote capable subordinates. The right decision is to leave if it's not your place, if it's a corrupt organization, or if your contributions are not recognized. TIP OF THE DAY Are you working in the appropriate organization? Why or why not? If not, should you leave?

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