Beat on the Blockchain

Our beta track & founders' PFPs just landed on the blockchain! Today, FKAjazz & Sachcoo got together IRL to setup our beta smart contract, founders' PFPs & our beta track "We Don't Need No Roads."

The purpose of this beta was to test out our ideas & finalize the experience we want to provide our holders. We're doing everything we can to ensure a smooth mint day & a great experience post-mint as well. Your NFT evolution from a PFPs to a full song MusicNFTs is something we've never seen before. Top that with the fact that all 50 of these MusicNFTs and the pixel animations are 1/1 pieces and it becomes even more clear that OMGjazz is doing something new & exciting in the space.

As we continue to get closer & closer to our mint day and build our allowlist, we look forward to getting to know our community more & more! Be sure to tune in on OMGjazz Radio on our website and catch us live on Twitter Spaces every week.

Check out the OMGjazz Founders' NFT collection on OpenSea!