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alfafrens guide v1.1

a look into alfafrens and how to grow there by maxsl.eth


I've been growing on alfafrens since day 2

Currently in top 25 by income and top 50 by stake

Thought it'd be useful to share some of what I've learned so far

I've been also growing a second account of @onchainer newsletter that gives early preview of coming articles (including this one).

Just started it 2 days ago and I think it should be profitable within a week.



Warpwatch method that's worth checking out

As of publishing of this guide

alfafrens on warpcast is past 10k followers

hundreds of people engage with their posts, activity is high and picking up still

Devs and team actually went on vacation so only were fixing critical issues, next week they're going to be back and alfafrens should pick up a lot more steam.

You're still early reading this!


How much to deposit?

  • I think 2k $degen should do it

    • Send more if you're inpatient to cover claiming, subscription and staking actions gas costs

    • Minimal can be as low as 500 $degen


Main thing you need is $alfa, to get it - you need to subscribe to others

If you just arrived, I think getting subbed to @wake is a solid choice

Who to sub for?

alfafrens makes it easy, hit on Explore tab, then High $ALFA tab

my principle is to subscribe to accounts with 100+ subs already who reach the top of High $ALFA tab, that means that your $alfa returns aren't going to be slashed as quickly as if you'd sub to someone having only 1 subscriber

I'm also subbing to friends and people I know from farcaster regardless of the $alfa returns.

I also stake some $alfa into them to get more returns myself and for all other subscribers.

That will eat up more of your deposit though and you'll need to wait longer to see your number go up.

Enough theory, here are the steps to take

  1. Deposit 500-2000+ $degen

  2. Sub to channels which have the most $alfa staked into them relative to it's subscribers amount. (any with 100+ subs from top 100 "High $ALFA" tab work best)

  3. Get at least a couple subs to get the $ALFA flowing to you

  4. After 12-24h claim your first accumulated $ALFA

  5. Now stake it into your channel, that will attract subscribers

  6. New subscribers to your channel will offset some of the costs of your own subscriptions

  7. Now you can subscribe to a few more channels to increase the $ALFA flow or keep it as is

  8. Come back at least once every day to claim accumulated $ALFA

That's all it takes!

If you subscribe to 3 channels, you may only need 2-3 days of staking into your own channel to get into the positive flow.

Gas fees

alfafrens is on the Base blockchain which has been showing record activity lately and fees can spike.

To adjust for that alfafrens team is charging you your deposited $degen for actions like subbing, claiming, staking and unsubbing.

Best time to claim, stake and subscribe for me was consistently after 12AM GMT, that's when you can minimize your gas spendings.

You may need to wait a bit for the gas fees to load on the top right from the button


Alfafrens has been growing 100% from invites so far, everyone was given 5 invites in the first week after launch and another five on the second as the team is scaling up the infrastructure.

Invites were being getting claimed really quickly, some people even did giveaways for them.

Next week there will be more invites, which, at a grown number of users, going to bring even more people in, all of which will be hungry for $ALFA.

And if public release is happening anytime soon, that can become massive for the app.

Agust story

Agust is top 5 on alfafrens, he's been reckless there lol and I wanted to highlight his approach

His approach was to sub to everyone, at first I think he was close lol, now he subbed to 332 channels and staking 100% to himself.

He spent tens of thousands of $degen on fees though, but I think it paid off already and going to pay for a while...

Recommend you sub to him on warpcast and his alfafrens channel!


Important to note that if you decide to unstake your $alfa, this will initiate a cooldown period and lock your staking actions for the next 24 hours.


Since devs were on the vacation this week, withdrawals are obviously essential and should be coming next week, follow and sub to alfafrens team members to know first - @vijay @0xfran @youssef

Final notes

Superfluid powering the streaming of $degen in alfafrens secured $5.1M funding earlier this year.

Alfafrens is the first product they've built on top of it and more is coming with the next one releasing as soon as next month?!

In any case, super bullish on these mechanics, seeing money flow like that is a concept the world haven't seen before (at least I haven't).

And I really like how it kind of forces you to think what value you can provide to people subscribing to you, continuously, while also being patient with claiming and consistent by coming in daily.

Degen is past tipping phase already, apps like alfafrens will push it much further much faster, make sure to be early on all of that by subbing to @wake, @agust, @king, me and others who spend a lot of time on farcaster and sharing.

Bonus: How to check your net income?

Estimated monthly income that you see on the homepage isn't taking into account the amount that you've subscribed to others.

But you can check it on superfluid website

Net Flow here showing the amount you're getting

go to Account -> Deposit -> Copy address to get your alfafrens address

What's also great about it is that it also shows when you're going to run out of your deposited $degen - don't let it happen because it'll cancel out all your subscriptions automatically.

Thank you!

Let me know if you liked this guide by minting it.

I'll continue revising this guide as alfafrens evolves and based on your feedback, if it catches some steam haha.

Send me any questions you have or feedback on alfafrens or warpcast.

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