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onchainer mints Β· week 1

eclipse taking over the base and more


If you're here for the first time you can learn more about me and onchainer from this pilot episode on mirror.

This week and onward we've moved to Paragraph for publishing!

1. This rock from @iceberg

Second NFT in his series

Looks like he's up to something huge and is utilizing approach used by ciniz, by releasing a free mint once in a few days / a week

His first "test" NFT minted over 10k times and is selling for over 0.23 ETH

2. Only for a moment

Solar eclipse commemoration mint, I didn't catch the mint due to training, but got one on secondary still, the picture looking awesome.

Minted over 110k times.

3. Moon beam by shl0ms

The team there literally got to the field to shoot the eclipse in real time, making 720 pictures/frames and then listing them, one by one, 1 minute each, 12 hours total mint time, on their website.

This is a second project I'm living through from shl0ms and he's one of the best creators out there, quality work, every time.


Degendary story

grunt.eth was so excited about the collection that he minted almost the whole set and then went on a campaign and picked up all of the missing frames getting all of the different 720 frames, mint price for one was about $20 🀯

Update: grant is actually close to securing 2 whole sets 🀯🀯 just needs 3 more frames!
Here's a dune to check if you have the missing ones to trade

4. Interface launching support for Degen chain

With a mint to commemorate the moment

5. Higher together

Minting just for 11 $higher a piece, this one is doubling down on us being together.

6. 001 handles - mint a figma tutorial

If you're into design, here's a fresh tutorial series launched this week by antimofm.eth, free mint on zora chain.

7. Heads will roll by James Joyce

Summarizing the week

Overall this week was a lot calmer than the previous one, there're always highs and lows, not just in crypto, personally I'm taking more time to be outside and hope you do too!

A lot of projects and tokens went down peaking on Saturday, but I'm sure next week it'll pick back up, it already started.

What's next?

I've already written down over 5 topics for separate articles to come out in the next weeks, including

  • Degen how to for beginners

  • Top farcaster people

  • Top farcaster projects and their builders

  • Hypersubs I keep minting more time on (from 31 total subbed to rn)

  • ...

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Thank you

Have an awesome week ahead and catch you on farcaster!

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